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What are CHUGS?

CHUGS is an easy way to transition kids from a 100% contained highchair to a table chair with 100% freedom.

Our unique, non-restrictive chair wings give toddlers a gentle reminder to stay seated with legs forward. Perfect for mealtimes, at-home learning, and other activities where kids need to stay in their chair. A chair + a hug = chugs!

What is the ideal age to use CHUGS?

Kids transition from the highchair to table chair at different ages and depends on a number of factors.  The average age of making the transition out of the highchair is 18 months.  Please consult your child’s pediatrician should you have questions on your child’s development or readiness to move from the highchair.  The average age of our existing customers is 2.  Our recommended age range is 18 months to 4 years old.

How do you use CHUGS?

Chugs is really easy to use. Three simple steps:

  1. STRAP – Secure to any chair with a back in seconds.
  2. OPEN – Open the wings – kids love to help!
  3. SIT – Position child in chair and push up to the table.

Does CHUGS boost my child up?

CHUGS alone does not boost your child up. The purpose is to provide non-restrictive wings on each side of the chair so kids are reminded to stay seated with legs forward and not get up. We are designing a multi-purpose CHUGS booster seat cushion & carry bag which can be used with or without CHUGS. It’s very exciting, stay tuned!

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